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BMW System 6 EVO helmet (5 years later)

I purchased this helmet in 2015 and still use it (2020).

I think I wore it for around 40.000km; under the scorching sun, the rain, and once even under a light snowfall.

The list price in Italy was € 575, mine is fluorescent yellow.


It is a modular helmet. You can use closed full-face or you can lift the front. It is not possible to detach the front completely.

The shell is made of fiberglass (not carbon).

The weight is 1.595g (size L), I’d say that it is quite heavy and you can feel it when you hold it in your hand. The perception is that of having a very solid and quality object.

The volume is remarkable. It is larger than the average of modular or full-face helmets. I can’t get it into the top case of my Vespa ET4, while other full-face helmets that I own fit without problems.

There is an internal sun visor that can be lowered by moving a lever.

The retention system is done by a clip, and not by the double D system (that would have been a better option).

The retention system on the System 6


It is the most comfortable modular helmet I have ever had.

The internal padding is very thick. When you try it for the first time, it seems to be small. In reality, I was not used to such enveloping padding on the cheekbones. The head inside is firm. I sense that it is very hard to lose it in an impact.

I also kept it up 10-12 hours a day and I was fine despite the heavyweight.

Furthermore, it is comfortable even if you ride with the front part opened: there is no strong aerodynamic resistance and you can travel even at 100km/h comfortably. I had 2 other modular helmets that were tiring to ride with the front module open.


On warmer days (30-35°) the heat is felt. This is because the internal padding is very enveloping and does not allow air to pass even when opening the visor.

There are 2 aeration vents: both do not allow large air flows to pass and when it is very hot I prefer to open the visor or the front module.

There is a big design flaw. When the sun visor is kept down, much less air enters the upper air vent. This is a contradiction since the visor tends to be lowered when it is sunny and therefore warmer. This is perhaps the only serious flaw.

In the summer, I remove the padding on the chin which is made to prevent air drafts from entering from under the helmet. It can be removed easily.


BMW System 6 is fantastic for cold days. No cold air comes in and the padding keeps you warm. Also, the detachable padding on the chin that I described earlier is very effective and prevents cold air from entering. The visor rarely tarnishes.


The BMW System 6 EVO is perfect on this side. I drove under strong thunderstorms or for 5-6 hours under the rain and the water didn’t enter.


The internal padding can be completely dismantled and washed (by hand). There are instructions on how to disassemble it and it is also quite simple to reassemble (however it takes time).

Since the padding is very thick, it takes a while to dry: do the internal cleaning when you do not plan to use it for a few days.


After 4 years of intense use, it is still in good condition (I’ve taken the pictures for this review and it is 5 years old). The paint is still bright with only a few scratches.

The visor opening mechanism is perfect and has never had any problem. Wanting to be picky, the external visor is a bit ruined. Changing the external visor is quite simple, however, the spare parts are quite expensive on this model (I have not found the official price of the visor on BMW website, but on the internet, the price is around 70-80 €)

The internal sun visor is in excellent conditions and the mechanism works perfectly (never had a problem). I don’t think it is very easy to change, if I had to replace it, I would take it to the BMW dealer to avoid damages.

Included in the box there is a good quality textile cover


I recommend this helmet, especially if you use the motorbike in cold or rainy environments. If you live in a very hot place, maybe there are better ones with a better ventilation system.

Unfortunately, the BMW System 6 EVO model has gone out of production and has been replaced by the BMW System 7 which is very different. I went to see and try it in a BMW dealer, but I didn’t like it very much. Or rather, aesthetically it is beautiful, but from a functional point of view, I am not convinced by the new modular system. On the new BMW System 7, the front of the modular helmet cannot be raised and lowered: it can be completely detached.

System 7 can become a Jet or a full-face helmet, while the System 6 EVO is the classic modular. I prefer it because when I go at low speed I like to travel with the front open. It is a personal taste, perhaps many other motorcyclists might prefer the setting of the new model.

The new BMW System 7 helmet.
I leave the link to the BMW UK Website:

However, if you find the System 6 EVO, I would recommend it. You have to be careful that it is not a too old stock. The internal expanded polyester (the one that absorbs shocks) is a material that is affected by the time and over the years it loses part of its shock-absorbing properties (so, it is not safe). If you read this review in a few years, keep this in mind.

Finally, I always advise against buying used helmets. A simple fall with an empty helmet may also have compromised part of the functionality (the polyester may have compressed in the impact-absorbing it). Not knowing how the previous owner kept it, I would avoid the purchase.


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  1. Can you inform us of the Head shape this Helmet is most suitable for? Round, Oval, Long Oval etc? This is a crucial aspect of Helmet comfort and safety. If this is a Schubert collaborated design, then it might be more suitable for Round shaped heads.Probably.

    Great Review!

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